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The Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs (JLIA) is a digital, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, jointly published by Penn State's School of Law and School of International Affairs. The journal promotes academic and public discourse at the intersection of law and international affairs, featuring contributions in the areas of public and private international law, international relations, comparative law and politics, geography, economics, history, and policy issues in the various sciences. It is available online and indexed by LEXIS and Westlaw.

Call for Papers

The Journal is seeking papers for several upcoming publications. Please reference the subjects below:

Business, Tax, and Finance

The Journal is conducting a call for papers for an upcoming issue focusing on business, tax, and finance. Topics may include analysis of new regulations affecting a business' ability to compete in a global market, or comparative analysis of topics within the realm of business, tax, and finance. The prior list is not exhaustive by any measure, but it meant to illustrate potential topics that a paper may focus on.

Environmental Law Symposium Issue

The Journal is conducting a call for papers for its symposium publication in spring 2017. The symposium will analyze the law’s role in international responses to contemporary environmental crises; discuss how recent developments in domestic and international law interact with late-breaking technology and evolving attitudes toward climate or natural resource issues; and, how these developments have culminated in new legislation legal techniques, triumphs, and failures.

Writers should address and analyze the relationship of the law with infrastructural failures, natural disasters, climate change and resource allocation across nations and jurisdictions, and offer Journal readers a holistic picture of multiple perspectives on legal environmental response. Amongst possible subject areas and topics:

  • Legislation or legal action taken as a result of environmental change on local, state, or national levels within or outside of the United States
  • The efficacy or shortcomings of international treaties on addressing environmental issues
  • Adaptations in agricultural and food-production processes developed as a result of or in anticipation of food safety legislation
  • Creative or avant-garde municipality-based environmental advocacy
  • Problems of resource allocation between adjacent nation-states
  • This list is meant to be illustrative and not exhaustive. Authors are encouraged to submit papers that fall within the theme of the symposium issue.

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    The Journal’s most recent issue, published in September 2016, features papers from the Violence Against Women Symposium as well as other collected works.

    The Journal's prior issue, published in December 2015, features papers from the Seventeenth Biennial Meeting of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law. This issue is dedicated to the memory of Louis Del Duca and Norbert Reich who passed away before publication. The Journal is grateful to all of the authors whose work appears in the issue for their efforts, and wishes to especially thank Professors Anthony Duggan and Hans-W. Micklitz for their dedication and assistance in the publication of this issue.

    Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 (2017) Contemporary Writings in a Global Society: Collected Works

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