Penn State International Law Review

First Paragraph

"The bottom line is: If you're worried about Chinese exports, rest assured the local stuff is without doubt many, many times worse., CNN correspondent John Vause, who has continued to reside in Beijing during China's product safety crisis, states the heart of the matter. "When ordering at restaurants, I wonder: Is that drug-tainted fish and shrimp? Did that pork come from a pig that was force-fed wastewater? Any melamine added to those noodles?" A blatant disregard for safety within China has caused widespread concern on the part of the United States and China's other trading partners. Among the first major indications of a problem with Chinese products was the March 15, 2007 discovery by the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") that Chinese wheat gluten contaminated with melamine had been processed into North American pet products and was killing cats and dogs. The consequent pet deaths resulted in over one hundred lawsuits being filed against companies that had sold the tainted products, including one lawsuit against a Chinese supplier.