Penn State International Law Review


Floris Bannier

First Paragraph

This contribution discusses briefly the way in which the Dutch Bar deals with conflicts of interest. It concentrates on the situation in the Netherlands as opposed to that in Europe. Why the distinction? Because Europe is a conglomerate of independent states (nations). Each separate state has its own laws and, as far as the national Bar is concerned, its own Code of Conduct. However, as far as the European legal profession is involved, there is an organization in which all EU-national bar associations are assembled, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe ("CCBE"). The CCBE has established its own Code of Conduct for all European Lawyers. Of course, there are no "European lawyers," there are only Dutch, French, English, etc. lawyers who, because of the location of their nation of residence are also working in Europe. So why, then, this CCBE Code?