Penn State International Law Review

First Paragraph

The Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act ("Helms- Burton Act") provides for extra-territorial jurisdiction and sanctions against foreign companies which traffick in confiscated U.S.-owned Cuban property. The Helms-Burton Act provides U.S. nationals with a private right of action in U.S. courts against foreign persons and companies which benefit from the use of confiscated property. The Act also authorizes the exclusion from U.S. territory of any corporate officers, directors, or controlling shareholders, including their spouses and minor children, of companies which derive any economic benefit from the use of confiscated Cuban property. Moreover, section 103(a) of Title I of the Act imposes civil liability and criminal sanctions against U.S. lending institutions and U.S.-controlled foreign institutions which knowingly make any loans to persons who traffick or benefit from the use of confiscated Cuban property.