Penn State International Law Review

First Paragraph

Of immediate international concern is the fate of thousands of innocent children in the wake of the Bosnian civil war. At least 1200 children have been killed and another 12,000 wounded. In addition to these atrocities, Serbian troops systematically raped hundreds of Muslim women resulting in an estimated 500 to 600 children of rape. These children of rape are painful reminders to the mothers of a heinous ordeal, and are likely to become orphans. However, the Bosnian government has prohibited intercountry adoption of these children, hoping that the mothers will decide to keep them or that they can be placed within Bosnian homes. The Bosnian government's biggest fear is provoking an international baby trade similar to that in Romania in 1990. Regardless of Bosnia's motives, it is not likely that the rape victims will ever wish to raise these children.