Fans of the World, Unite!: A (Capitalist) Manifesto for Sports Consumers


Fans of the World, Unite!: A (Capitalist) Manifesto for Sports Consumers



This book is a clarion call to sports fans. It proposes a significant restructuring of sports leagues. The book sets out a rational program for a revolution that will serve the best interests of the fans and of the sport itself. But the book is not Marxist: it shows how a revolution in the organization of sports might even benefit the owners. By harnassing the power of markets, sports leagues can be made both responsive to the needs of the fans and more efficient. Many years were spent before this book was written evaluating the ways in which leagues work across the globe. Drawing on an extensive study of leagues, the book boils down a plan to two major reforms. Borrowing from NASCAR, the book proposes that team owners should not own sports leagues as well. Rather, league ownership should be separate. The second proposal is drawn from soccer: introduce the competition through a promotion and relegation system. In this type of system, the worst teams in the league are kicked out at the end of the season and replaced by the best-performing teams in the next division down. This gives poor performing teams incentive to step up their game and allows fresh blood to enter the leagues if the poor performers fail to do so.

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