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The tectonic plates are shifting in international dispute resolution. The growth of global trade has been encouraged and, in turn, has encouraged the worldwide development of effective and enforceable international arbitration and mediation processes. As a result, there have been palpable changes made not only in the manner in which the increased number of disputes are resilved, but also in the sites that are chosen for their resolution. One of the defining events in the development of international arbitration occurred in 1923 when the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Court of Arbitration was established in Paris. From that point and continuing for over 80 years, the center of gravity for most international proceedings was the Euro-American area, with United States law firms leading the way. Then, begining in the 1990s, a significant change in trading patterns occurred and an increasing number of international disputes were processed in the Asia-Pacific (A/P) region and resulted in a steady rise in the importance of the region as it relates to dispute resolution.



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