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Arbitrator as Judge . . . And Judge of Jurisdiction

First Paragraph

In the first several years of its institutional existence, the Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation has produced comprehensive annual accounts of arbitration law. This year's symposium exceeds even the lofty standards of prior compilations. In addition to the Dean's generous funding, the student editors did a magnificent job of preparation and organization. Their undertakings were undergirded by the willingness of outstanding scholars to contribute to the endeavor. The authors are acknowledged leaders in the field of arbitration. Their articles are of exceptional quality; as Justice Benjamin Cardozo might have said, they "betoken" a rigorous and perspicacious analysis of contemporary developments in U.S arbitration law. The articles are well-crafted, of substantial depth, and elegant; they educate and elucidate. Each onbe of them testifies to professional excellence.



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