Rachel Bires

First Paragraph

The popularity of Action Sports has steadily been rising since the introduction of widely-televised events, especially with events such as the ESPN X-Games. Joe Tomlinson, an author who has writtenh several books on the topic of extreme sports, lists nine air sports, eighteen land sports, and fifteen water sports that are considered "extreme sports," now dubbed "action sports," in his book entitled "Extreme Sports." Due to the amount of sports that are considered Action Sports, particularly the sports that are included in the ESPN X-Games, there is a growing need for arbitration for all parties involved. These action sports, especially Skateboarding and BicycleMotocross ("BMX"), which are increasing in popularity both in the United States and internationally, would benefit from arbitral clauses in various aspects of their sports, including endorsement contracts and in the dispute resolution clauses of the bylaws of their governing bodies for recognition by the United States Olympic Committee ("USOC") for potential Olympic competition.



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