Jaclyn Reilly

First Paragraph

The formation of the arbitrator's contract requires a significant amount of consideration when parties agree to enter into international commercial arbitration. This is especially trye where parties to the arbitration agreement are not familiar with arbitration. Emilia Onyema's book International Commercial Arbitration and the Arbitrator's Contract, makes that point, although the author takes a whole to get to make it clear. While the book discusses many theories about contract formation during the arbitration process, the focus of this article will mainly be the formation of the arbitration agreement and the parties thereto and the terms of the arbitrator's afreement. The chapters docusing on these topics contain practical information because these chapters are not so theoretical and provide a very thorough explanation that would be especially helpful to those not familiar with international commercial arbitration. There are other topics covered in this book, but this author feels these topics are beyond the scope of this article because of the high techincal and theoretical nature of the chapters. While these other ropics may have some useful practical application for a small number of people, the complexity of the information's presentation in conjunction with its limited applicability are beyond the scope of this piece.



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