Julia Rabich

First Paragraph

The London Court of International Arbitration ("LCIA"), a renowned international commercial arbitral institute, launched the LCIA India on April 18, 2009, as "the first independent overseas office" of the LCIA. The LCIA India consists of its own "Board of Directors, the Arbitration Court, and the Secretariat." The Board of Directors manages the business aspects of the LCIA India, including its operation and development. The Arbitration Court oversees the application of the LCIA India Arbitration Rules ("Rules"), and ensures that the arbitral procedure is followed accordingly. The Secretariat handles the administrative duties arising from the disputes that are arbitrated in the LCIA India. The LCIA India is premised on providing the same services that are provided by the LCIA office in London. According to LCIA, it aims to provide a neitral and efficient system through the enforcement of its Rules, which are applicable to arbitration proceedings beginning on or after April 17, 2010.



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