The Arbitration Law Review is a student-edited publication done in a law review format. The Arbitration Law Review is a unique publication among those which cover dispute resolution, in that it is currently the only scholarly legal journal dedicated to covering both U.S. domestic and international developments in arbitration and other dispute resolution procedures. The Review publishes scholarly articles resulting from an annual symposium, as well as student pieces on recent case law, legislative enactments, arbitral decisions, and reviews of current dispute resolution literature.

The U.S. Supreme Court continues to show substantial interest in the law of arbitration and to favor this form of adjudication. State and federal courts generally embrace alternative means of resolving disputes. Arbitration, mediation, and negotiation are now a genuine part of the U.S. legal system and law practice. Additionally, arbitration has become critical to global commerce, and mediation is used in many countries to avoid litigation. The Review fulfills the need for the professional discussion of developments in these areas.

Current Volume: Volume 13 (2021)

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